In 2002, Heritage international drilled wells in rural communities in Ghana and provided medical aid to some of the rural areas in Nigeria; this caused infant mortality to drop. Farming equipment’s were distributed to farmers together with high yielding seeds of crops which were used for food processing. This increased productivity and thus enhanced household income.

Since 2002, Heritage International in collaboration with our country partners have embarked on health campaigns by providing medical services in the form of free medical treatments and advices to rural communities in India. Lectures in income generation, irrigation practices and better health care has been provided to rural communities over the years.

Over the past four years, Heritage International has been working and supporting some development projects on Dalits in India to help them become self-sufficient. We are currently working towards supporting Dalit women in India start a vocational training center where they can get quality training on different areas that can help them generate income and become self-sufficient. Heritage International has been working in collaboration with the Bread Foundation; a NGO in India, in supporting the Joel’s Children Home.