With the help of our partners, we empower vulnerable communities through agricultural training and entrepreneurship

What we Stand for

We set high goals and objectives to encourage and motivate us to work towards attaining our vision and mission. Ambitious?

We value and respect each other , and work as a team with both our stakeholders and colleagues in ensuring we alleviate poverty Collaboration

We don’t compromise on credibility and reputation. We strive to work in the best interest of our beneficiary without prejudice.


Yes ! A World Without Poverty is Possible

Since 1990 to 2013, there has been over 30% reduction in extreme poverty in the world.

Public Health Education

Many factors account for birth defects and fatal pregnancy. Amongst them are; unsafe abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and lack of antenatal care. Through community outreaches, Heritage International engages with locals to educate them on maternal care.

Child Health

Majority of our works are centered on child health. This charitable organization is sometimes seen as a non profit organizations for children

Women Empowerment

we work with women in societies where there are imbalances in their social structure. We believe in a world where there should be gender equality

Capacity Building

Through training programmes, we engage with the youth and women in deprived communities to teach them some crafts. This we believe will make them self-sufficient.
Heritage International is a humanitarian organization that works towards supporting Children, Women and young adults in attaining their full potential by helping them tackle poverty and injustices in the society. Since 2002, Heritage International has worked in countries such as India, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Do you have the passion for charity, do you love helping people, do you love planning, then join us in our quest to make an impact in the world: Get Involved.

With careful planning and research, we identify areas where we can make a sustainable impact. We engage with community members to run capacity building programmes, support health, and human right advocacy. we also provide development assistance to deprived communities.
You have what it takes to put a smile on someone’s face. You can support Heritage International in various forms; you can support our projects financially, logistic support, consultations, material support, volunteering and all other means you see fit.

With our strict adherence to transparency, all our project expenses are published online. Donors always can trace what their donations are used for.

How Far we have come

  • Extreme Poverty in 1990 35.3% 35.3%
  • Extreme Poverty in 1999 28.6% 28.6%
  • Extreme Poverty in 2013 10.7% 10.7%

Clean Water Project

Imagine leaving a day and sharing water with cattle. Yes! some people have been leaving years without any safe source of drinking water. Heritage International looks out for communities with such problems and seeks to provide safe drinking water for the community.