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Heritage International is a humanitarian organization that works towards supporting children, women and young adults in attaining their full potential by helping them tackle poverty and injustices in the society. We have over the years, through careful planning and research, identify areas where we can make a sustainable impact. Consequently, we engage with community members to run capacity building programs, support health, and human right advocacy and provide development assistance to deprived communities.

The subsistence and rain-fed nature of farming mean that farmers are inactive during dry seasons when there are no rains. The well-being and livelihoods of these farmers are threatened without alternative livelihoods and incomes. This is why the work we do is important in ensuring that rural and underprivileged communities remain viable and robust during the off-seasons of food production. 

Senior Management

James Commey

James Commey

President & CEO

Paul Pinamang Kyei

Paul Pinamang Kyei

Vice President

Linda Ørum Jacobsen

Linda Ørum Jacobsen

Executive Board Chairperson

Kwabena A. Adwabour

Head of Communication


Joel Commey

International Programs