About Us

Heritage international is a humanitarian organization that works towards supporting children, women and young adults in attaining their full potential by helping them tackle poverty and injustices in the society. Since 2002, Heritage International has worked in some of the poorest areas in India, Ghana, Nigeria.

We believe in full participation of our beneficiaries in our projects and over the years we have been working with them by supporting them develop not only their areas but themselves as well.

HI serves all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion


Chairman & Founder: James Commey

Vice President: Paul Pinamang Kyei

Advisory Board Member: Linda Ørum Jacobson

Head of Social Media: Emilie Hovah

Head of Communications: Kwabena Adwabour Ababio

Fundraising Coordinator: Fiona Muema

Danish Copywriter: Evelyne M. Utshu

Head of Media: Michael Løvstad-Ssekayiba